Studrail 4″ White


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Studrail provides you horses with safe and secure fencing.

Calculate the number of metres you require by pacing or measuring.

Studrail comes in 100m rolls (Qty 1 in your basket = 100m)

Don’t forget to multiply the number of meters by the number of rails.
If you have a 100m stretch and require a 2 rail fence you will
need to order 200 metres of studrail.

Most of our customers have found a 2 rail fence to be perfectly adequate.
Those that use 3 rails have normally had some special requirement such as a “Shetty that rolls under”.

There is no difference in strength between 3” and 4” Studrail the 4” just looks more substantial.
3” Studrail is particularly good when used as a sight rail over stock netting.


Price will discount the more you buy. Check in your cart.

6 in stock

Discounts available for bulk purchase. Please contact us for orders over 5000 meters


Studrail safe PVC horse fencing.

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3 inch, 4 inch


Brown, White


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