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  • Studrail

    Studrail provides you horses with safe and secure fencing. Calculate the number of metres you require by pacing or measuring. Studrail comes in 100m rolls (Qty 1 in your basket = 100m) Don’t forget to multiply the number of meters by the number of rails. If you have a 100m stretch and require a 2 rail fence you will need to order 200 metres of studrail. Most of our customers have found a 2 rail fence to be perfectly adequate. Those that use 3 rails have normally had some special requirement such as a “Shetty that rolls under”. There is no difference in strength between 3” and 4” Studrail the 4” just looks more substantial. 3” Studrail is particularly good when used as a sight rail over stock netting.   Price will discount the more you buy. Check in your cart. Unfortunately we are experiencing issues receiving raw materials so we are unable to fulfil orders on our Studrail.   Please email us if you would like to discuss a future order. We hope to have this product back in stock early July. 
  • Ratchets

    Ratchets are required to tension your Studrail. Studrail has high tensile wire inside and this needs to be pulled tight. Please see our erection instructions as your tensioning posts need to be secure. Tension is achieved by drilling holes through the post and then passing the wires through the post and central drum of the ratchet. The Ratchet can then be wound using a spanner. We recommend you put Ratchets on both ends for runs over 50 metres. Two Ratchets are required per end of rail.
  • Joining Links can be used to attach two lengths of Studrail together. The Studrail is stripped back to expose the wires and the Joining Links slide on. The ingenious design means that no tools are necessary. Joining Links are a neat way of ensuring that all the Studrail you buy can be put to use. Two Joining Links are required per joint.
  • For use on short runs of Studrail or when ratchets would be an inconvenience (perhaps on a gate or a corner where people walk past regularly). End vices are used for securing Studrail at one end. Simply drill through the end post in 2 positions pass the wires through and slide on the vices. The wire can be bent down or cut back to achieve a flush end. Two vices are required per end of rail.
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